lördag 12 november 2016

Dinovember - vecka 1

Day 1: Dinovember is here!

Day 2: The leader of the evil dinosaurs laughed and laughed. Now all the other dinosaurs were caught and could not get out! But where is Rex?

Day 3: Rex overheard the evil dinosaurs and found his friends, trapped in a cage!

Day 4: After Rex let the dinosaurs out they were all very hungry. They were lucky to find a gingerbread girl and a bun.

Day 5: Tonight Rex and the other dinosaurs light a candle to remember their frinds who are no longer with us (in Sweden we cellebrate and remember loved ones by lighting candles tonight)

Day 6: The evil dinosaurs found a path of tasty food. How lucky they are!

Day 7: If the evil dinosaurs meets Santa, maybe they will be good.

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